Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Computer is Brokey Broke

If anyone has been wondering why I have skipped several days without posting, it is because the trackpad on my laptop has been malfunctioning.  By malfunctioning, I mean it went completely crazy.

Incidentally, for the past few months I have progressively noticed pain in one of my shoulders (also something malfunctioning), just happily growing and growing much like a pig eating its way through a dump.  This puzzled me.  I have never been prone to disintegrating body parts/ random bouts of disconnected limbs.  However, today as I lifted my son in his car seat, I noticed that very same pain whose cause I have been hunting down.  Go figure, it is because I have been using the same arm to lift his car seat every single time.  Over the course of a year, that seems to be a problem.  So I guess that is a no-no....

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