Monday, September 2, 2013

Lob a French Fry in There

Character design in pencil.

This morning my son was up a little early, so we sat by the couch on the floor and munched some apples together.  He ended up spitting out his slice and told me in baby language that the apple was poisoned.  Alas, I speak adult.  So I ate both my apple and his slice, thus condemning myself to a horrible day of food poisoning.  (Disclaimer: I do wash my produce.)

It was terrible.

In honor of my amazing day with the toilet, I decided to pick out a disney villain to do a bunch of character studies on, but I did not pick poisoned-apple-lady (a bit of humbug in my soul perhaps).  Instead, I selected Ursula, because her name is really fun.  This was my favorite sketch.  Enjoy.

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