Thursday, September 26, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013

Goodbye, Ice Cream Truck Man

Arizona seems to be exiting the oven at the moment.  We've dropped about 15 degrees in the last week, which means we unfortunately have to say goodbye to the traveling ice cream truck man for a few months.
So here's to you, valiant soft-serve guy, appearing at parks and strange abandoned alleys at all the perfect times.  Here's to you and your pied-piper music blaring out of that mounted megaphone, beckoning us to ninja turtle ice creams, candy cigarettes, and your truck's wide array of sun-faded sticker menus.

Cabbie in Dublin

My brother in-law was sent to Dublin, Ireland by his company, and the minute he got there, a very Irish cabbie drove him around pointing out parks and such he should visit.  This is the cabbie I saw.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Computer is Brokey Broke

If anyone has been wondering why I have skipped several days without posting, it is because the trackpad on my laptop has been malfunctioning.  By malfunctioning, I mean it went completely crazy.

Incidentally, for the past few months I have progressively noticed pain in one of my shoulders (also something malfunctioning), just happily growing and growing much like a pig eating its way through a dump.  This puzzled me.  I have never been prone to disintegrating body parts/ random bouts of disconnected limbs.  However, today as I lifted my son in his car seat, I noticed that very same pain whose cause I have been hunting down.  Go figure, it is because I have been using the same arm to lift his car seat every single time.  Over the course of a year, that seems to be a problem.  So I guess that is a no-no....

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Come talking that trash and we'll pull your card.

Today we learned a lesson, and by we I mean my son.  He has the fond habit, an uncanny sense, to insert himself behind doors just as they are about to open.  (Curse you, shiny, interesting hinges.)

Usually one of us snatches him up just before disaster can occur, but alas tonight was not the case.  A man barreled through the door my son was inspecting for flaws and splayed him out similar to a rotisserie chicken tossed on the ground.  Bless the little boy's soul he didn't shed a tear.  Conveniently he has a bruise shaped like the Virgin Mary that we immediately took a mold of and sold on eBay for a tidy profit.  It was a nice evening.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Lob a French Fry in There

Character design in pencil.

This morning my son was up a little early, so we sat by the couch on the floor and munched some apples together.  He ended up spitting out his slice and told me in baby language that the apple was poisoned.  Alas, I speak adult.  So I ate both my apple and his slice, thus condemning myself to a horrible day of food poisoning.  (Disclaimer: I do wash my produce.)

It was terrible.

In honor of my amazing day with the toilet, I decided to pick out a disney villain to do a bunch of character studies on, but I did not pick poisoned-apple-lady (a bit of humbug in my soul perhaps).  Instead, I selected Ursula, because her name is really fun.  This was my favorite sketch.  Enjoy.