Friday, August 30, 2013

The Boy is Destructo...

(I shot for simple lines and pleasing shapes here, trying to accomplish a statement with both expression and figure.)

Down to real business. Last night our son had spaghetti and corn for dinner. He enjoyed both and smiled widely as he chomped and then was bathed, powdered and diapered for bed. All the while, we, his slow-witted parents, stomped around and readied said boy's room for sleep, and then ourselves, unaware of the atrocities ahead.

When the morning light broke through our horizontal shades, we all rubbed our eyes and smiled, our son included. However, when we went into his room, we found that he had attempted to paint the Mona Lisa across his crib bedding with what was formerly dinner. His diaper hunched discarded in the corner, both proud and ashamed of itself, having finally accomplished the nefarious deed it has so long plotted for....

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